Other styles of earrings by definition

•Huggy Earrings:
Huggies are a popular style of non-pierced earrings where the setting actually ”hugs” your earlobe. A hinge is located at the top of the earring that allows the post to open and close without an earring back. Many times, stones are channel set in huggy earrings.
•Sleeper Earrings:
Sleeper earrings (also known as starter earrings) are designed to be comfortable when worn for long periods of time and are generally small to prevent entanglement with bedding or hair. Because their small size makes them comfortable, sleeper earrings are sometimes worn at night to keep an ear piercing from closing. Common styles include studs with short posts or screw backs and small hoops.
•Ear Cuffs:
An ear cuff is decorative ring designed to be pinched onto the ear without need for piercing. Ear cuffs may be pinched onto any part of the ear, not just the earlobe.

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