Crystal glass nail files have arrived

Have you ever used one of these fabulous files. If not I can almost guarantee if you do you will be hooked like I was.

Four years ago my daughter and I bought a set at a craft show and I took the small and medium one, one for my purse and one for my night table, she took the large one. WELL, now I wouldn’t be without them. They work fabulously well on real or artificial nails (thank God).
I started giving them as gifts and then the people I gave them to wanted to know where they could get some as gifts and well, the rest is history. My friend Pat McKay decided to retire so we offered to take over her business. (Its nice when you have a resident folk artist in your team.)

 We have only put a few on the site and will be selling them singularly as well for those of you who don’t need or want 3.
You owe it to yourself to try these. Here are a few reasons why:
Fact Sheet- Glass Nail Files

• Innovative and new!

• The only glass file guaranteed to never wear out or wear down.

• Superior to any file on the market. Vast improvement over traditional nail files.

• Each design is an original work of art

• Use on natural and artificial nails.

• With continued use reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of natural nails.

• Filing surface is so smooth; it will not disturb nail polish during touch-ups.

• Won’t tear or harm delicate skin. Safe for diabetics and babies.

• Filing surface is non-porous, double-sided and permanently etched into the glass.

• The only file that can be sanitized 100% using UVB light, autoclave, heat or liquid disinfectant. This applies to clear handle files ONLY.

• Made from float glass, the same process used to produce wine goblets and crystal vases.

• Environmentally friendly. NO lead is added or chemicals used during the manufacturing process.

• Tempered and hardened for durability and safety, 102% stronger than standard glass. • Files that have not been through the tempering and hardening process can splinter.

• Designed to break in a blunt fashion, should you drop your file, reducing the risk of injury.

• Small file is 3.5 inches in length perfect for tucking in a hand bag.

• The medium size is 5.5. Inches in length and is ideal for manicures.

• The large file is 7.5 inches in length and is just the thing for cracked heels and calluses.

• The grit on the small and medium file is approximately 200 – 220 grit.

• The grit on the large file is approximately 180 grit. • Files breeze through airport security.

• A protective sheath is included with each file.
Sooooooo buy yours today. Yack soon, Deb

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