A Little History of the Leverback Earwire

Leverback Earring Components
The leverback or hinged earwire has been seen on earrings dating from the 1880s. The leverback is designed to snap tightly over the wire without causing discomfort to the wearer, yet remaining comfortable to use. This earring style is immensely popular for fine jewelry in gold and silver as the leverback design helps prevent earring loss.

Immensely popular in European jewelry, the leverback recently made a transition to the North American market. It is growing in popularity due to its low profile, sturdy construction and additional security. The leverback is available in multiple styles; some have attached or dangling embellishments, some have single preset stones–some have both. Other leverback styles are equipped with loops for attaching dangles and drops, pegs for half-drilled pearls and beads or empty settings for cabochons and faceted gemstones.

sample of leverback earwires

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