Bracelet Circumference

In this blog I wanted to teach you a bit about how to buy the right size bracelet for your wrist.

Bracelets are traditionally sized by length. This way of measuring does not work so well for many types of beaded bracelets because a beaded bracelet’s fit depends on the diameter of its beads. The larger the beads, the smaller the inside circumference of the bracelet will be.. So, the same person will wear a longer bracelet if it has larger beads, and a shorter bracelet if it has smaller beads, are you still with me. So what to do.

Measure your wrist using a flexible measuring tape and measure tightly where you would place your watch. Add a half inch to one inch for approximate sizing for a bracelet depending on how tight or loose you like the bracelet to be. We can figure out how large the beads are and size accordingly.

Now what about if its a gift for a friend and you don’t have their wrist size. Use the following as a guidline. These are circumference measurements.
Petite: 6.5
Small : 6.75
Average: 7.0
Large: 7.25
XL 7.5
XXL 8.0
Don’t forget to have a look at my new memory wire bracelets. They are comfortable and fit a variety of wrist sizes. We have many sizes of tube beads too so if you want it large and loose we will use longer tube beads on them. Stay tuned for my next blog on necklace lengths. Spring is around the corner so hang in there.

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